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Commvault is a publicly traded data protection and data management software company headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Commvault enterprise software can be used for data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention and compliance.

One angry former employee shared this in a review "Engineering has been allowed to run wild at Commvault. They build and build, but nothing we can sell. I'm not sure how the CTO of Commvault and Eng VP can talk about innovation when they have not built an actual new product, ever. Most employees really want to do the right thing for the company, unfortunately some of the newer hires from Oracle etc don't share that mindset. Sales not a happy as it once was."


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Former Employee - Software Engineer II says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Worst leadership,No career growth ,Management is not approachable"

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Crappy software, crappy people - very frustrating if you have ambitions"

Former Employee - MM Support says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for less than a year Cons: If you want to experience anxiety and depression come to work here. A lot of folks are on disability due to high stress and incompetent Management Nepotism in promotions and hiring. No raise. Constant Layoffs Outsourcing to India. Daily Chaos. It is not working. But they just don't care. The recent Layoff list is very political. Incompetent people with connections are saved at the cost of qualified people."

Former Employee - Product says

"I worked at Commvault full-time Cons: Poor vision Upper management is promoted well past skill level"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Commvault full-time Cons: no benefits, stock does not increase in value"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 10 years Cons: New executive teams have no clue how to continue to build on the 20 years of success cvlt had. Egos eliminated the talent and experience on how this business was built. Well how's the NEW Commvault... stale and losing ground to competition sad to see."


"I worked at Commvault Cons: I experienced Very bad HR team"

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Commvault is struggling to reinvent itself, it's difficult to compete with the newer DP products. Poor corporate and field marketing with limited budget and resources. 3 layoffs/restructurings in 2019, 2 in 2018 and 1 in 2017, 3 VP of Americas Sales in 9 months, morale is low, hard to backfill positions (compensation is below industry standard) and good knowledgable people leaving. Not enough field sales (less than half of what we had in 2016), partner managers or alliance resources. 1 to 5 ratio of sales engineer to account manager is too thin for new logo acquisition, territory expansion and existing customer management. Partner strategy is unsuccesful due to execution of a substandard plan and lack of resources. Alliance strategy is non-existent and the team is understaffed and cannot get the attention they need from HPE, NetApp, HDS or Cisco. This leads to continually missing in Q1, Q2 and I expect in Q3 as well."

Former Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Too many to list. Horrible product with bugs. Hotfixes released every hour. Too many clueless managers. Hire and Fire culture. HR is useless. You will get sick working at this place with Toxic culture management has created."

Former Employee - Multiple Positions Held - Sales, Alliances, Product says

"I worked at Commvault full-time for more than 10 years Cons: - 401k matching is minimal at 1% , vested over time. - Switched to health plans to Optum and that only provides high premiums or deductibles with lower coverage. tock price dropped when Elliott Management sold off all their shares making stock bonus less valuable (google: "Elliott Management Letter to Board"). - Extremely negative and poisonous culture with very low morale owing to the weekly RIFs and resignations leaving either "show-off-to-upper-management" mode or "hide-and-collect-pay-check" mode. - Prior payouts of big long-term RSUs bonuses and non-merit annual raises makes up the payroll . -Not a collaborative culture among various departments, there is a definitive divide between long-timers and new-comers, which results in a "we-know-it-better-than-you" attitude. - Lack of originality for new project ideas results in competition for getting on good projects - Often credit is not given where it is due. - Somewhat of a sexist sales organization triggered departures of female account managers. - Lack of technology knowledge and over usage of subject-matter-experts in the field. - Unfriendly reputation towards partners and channels. Common place to undercut a reseller/channel/oem by going direct. - Lack of commitment towards technical alliances evident by slow delivery of promised quality features. Many features are developed after partner or competitor releases idea. Open source code is embedded minus GPL licenses. - Despite a decent campus, terrible HQ Location. In the middle of Nowhere, NJ. Attracts mostly locals avoiding commute to NYC. Remote employees must fly to Newark – voted worst airport in the US. - Company spent money on south pole trip for marketing and but is incapble of representing technology to customers accurately. - Every quarterly service pack release dozens of useless features, often each based a on single customer requirement - Lck of clear long-term roadmap or vision. - Almost non-existent product management organization. Products reports into development. PMs histroically get fired for disagreeing with development. This is a cultural norm. Rarely are PMs able to influence product direction as Development runs the roadmap. Take this into account for PM jobs. - Objection and questions around direction of the the product are not tolerated. - Majority of the development is visa-based with very few local hires. This has resulted in a cultural imbalance where product direction from above is not questioned for sake of retaining status. - Too much focus on what the competition is doing, which results into a frenzy of hours of pointless short-term work for based on competitive announcements. - Common place for meetings to be monopolized by a single individual and imposition of opinions without relevant data points is common. Many product features are made-up in PowerPoint resulting in disappointed accounts. - Competition has been stronger recently in terms of market share"

Lead Generator (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend working at Commvault. Company is losing its position in the market, management team doesn't care about team member commission. Lead generation team manager is not honest about incoming changes. Lead generation team manager ideas doesnt allow any team member to bring new ideas to the team. He sees him self as only the one who unde in this world"

Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"High stress, low pay, little to no advancement unless you are in the right clique. Cons: All"

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful company that overloads every resource and produces bad products that are buggy to the core. Multiple hotfixes released per day, imagine buying a product that you have to update every hour to make one thing work (and break other working thing). Politics across the board. Bad management, horrible backstabbing people. Cons: Stressful, bad product, politics, led by senior citizens who should be in a retirement home in florida"

Director, Global Partner Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Sucks, stay away from this place. They live on old laurels. New cloud companies are beating them and they will likely not survive."

Product Management (Former Employee) says


Enterprise Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a business in severe distress. It has never recovered from the breakdown of the Dell alliance. It has a very poor channel and morale within the organisation is extremely low."

Enterprise Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Executive & management commitment to getting sales done is virtually non-existent. Needed Executive presence at accounts and received low level management instead. If you don't commit to sales, what do you commit to? Cons: Incredibly poor management"

Area Sales Manager- UAE&QATAR (Former Employee) says

"no comments, company was new in middle east, not propoer managment or values"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Till date it has been my worst experience."

Territory Manager/Sales (Current Employee) says

"Great company with a great product that no one knows about. Marketing and channel activities need extensive help. Sales roll up to managers who are afraid to ask for Executive presence at accounts. The environment would be healthier if there was more executive transparency. Cons: Local management support"

no title (Current Employee) says

"If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Hyper political, male dominated culture but the benefits are AMAZING."

Senior Sales Leader (Former Employee) says

"A fantastic product, that could be so much more if the global leadership would run it like a public company rather than a family business. If only strategic vision could triumph over short term tactics. New hires enter with great hope and energy only to be hampered and worn down by tactically minded long timers who follow their well worn paths to mediocrity. Cons: Legacy, longtime, leadership, many with limited outside experience."

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"Commvault has an activist investor looking to make the stock more valuable."

worker (Former Employee) says

"Too many changes - too many management changes impacting worker bees. get better product management into the company. made decisions sooner - and communicate"

Director (Current Employee) says

"I had high hopes when I joined, but the company was relative small yet acted big - slow, functionally siloed, extremely conservative. Needed a new CEO with fresh management for a while now, Elliott Management has finally forced the action."

Revenue Recognition Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Although some days were challanging I enjoyed working for the company. I learned new things and liked the people that I worked with. I would still be there had they not let the older people go."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A good product that is diminished by the inability of the American Executive/Leadership to execute on critical programs and strategies in a timely, effective manner. Cons: Questionable quota setting strategy."

Inside Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Team atmosphere a plus , inconsistent with work from home policy, Some departments have it others do not. At quater end, they provide breakfast, lunch & dinner for all employess ( last week of the quarter ) as an extra thank you for all the help."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Growing constantly Cons: Lack of structure"


"Provide assistance over the phone/chat. Depending on the nature of the issue logs review would be required followed by a remote session to locate and address technical issues experienced by customers. Cons: Working under pressure"

Former Employee says

"I have worked at Commvault for 10 years and it\'s management all the way to the CEO are horrible. They are only focused on MONEY and could careless in the customer! "

Tesfa says

"This website is a scam. Please avoid this Thief. They are fake . Just to steal peoples money. Please don't trust this website. I lost my money for nothing. I already reported for BBB."

sangeetha says

"It was very terrible experience with them. Trainer was very very bad his name is Lankesh . However,training team is very unprofessional. Information provided is highly unreliable .I was looking for QA Automation training and I was told that it would be a weekday 1 hour Monday to Friday morning course and there would also be session during weekend. They do not provided any proper details and follow up .Trainer didn't cover all topics..when i informed to mindmajix they didn't even care about that.I was Paid $'s not worth it .please don't take a QA Training with Mindmajix ."

Perumal Viravan says

"Cheats ! They are money minded. They got the money but didn’t cover the course and also didn’t send the course recordings. After they get the full payment, they won’t respond to anything. Total scam. I took their Sailpoint Course and they only did 16 hours, where they promised 30 hours of course. Mani was the guy from Mindmajix, after you send the full payment he will stop the course and not respond to anything."

Pankaj kumar says

"Very Worst for Cloud Financial . DO NOT GO. It does not deserv even 1 star."

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